Antique carriages


Body Break  'Belvallette - Paris'


Ice cream carriage  'made in Belgium'


Derby Dogcar  'B. Veth - Arnhem'


Dogcart  'Pierre Lucats - Lescar'


Drop Front Phaeton  'Mills - London'


Stanhope Phaeton  'Maurer & Wantz - Colmar'


Pony Park Carriage  'Ainé Chabrol - Toulouse'


Omnibus  'Dufau - Bordeaux'


PANIER  'A.T. Demarest & Co - New York'


ZOMERCOACH  'Nantes Frères - Bretonnière'


LANDAUER  'Carl Furst - Baden'


JACHT BREAK  'Coburger Wagenfabrik E. Blümlein – Coburg'


Meadowbrook cart


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